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Weather Tech Finance Program

Weather Tech can provide you with interest free, no payment financing for up to 12 months. Ask us how!

60/120 Monthly Payment Program

60 Month Term and 120 Month Ammortization = LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT

  • Loan Amount: $1,500 -$15,000
  • Customer Interest Rate: 10.95%
  • Rate Factor: 0.01375


Total Amount Borrowed: $5,000

Term: 60 Months Amortization: 120 Months

Rate: 10.95%

Monthly Payment: $68.75

Amount of loan x the rate factor ($5,000 x 0.01375)

All No Interest/No Payment plans roll over into a Standard loan at the end of the deferral period. The borrowers' loan will be based on a term of 60 months and will be amortized over 120 months yielding lowest monthly payments possible. The rate factor for determining the monthly payments after the deferral period is 0.01375. Minimum loan amount is $1,500. Financing provided by Snap Financial.