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Box Media Air Filtration

February 19, 2016
What the Weatherman says about...Furnace 'Box media Filtration'
There are many things you can add to your  HVAC system to solve issues you and your family may be having in your home.  Everything from Ultra Violet lights to Wi-Fi thermostats.  The real question is what is a good idea for you.
In the case of box media air cleaners, it is a matter of how much you currently spend on air filtration now, or rather how much you would like to. If you are the consumer who purchases the nicer 3M throw away filters,  then perhaps doing the math on a box media filter will entice you to switch.
The great thing about a box media air filter is that it lasts much longer therefore less maintenance is required.  If you often forget to change your filter...this would work well for you.  Many customers have us bring one and replace it on their yearly maintenance.  The Lennox Healthy Climate filters  also provide a better filter rating than many high efficient throw away filters.  When picking out a filter, look for a M.E.R.V. rating.  The higher the M.E.R.V. rating, the better the filter is.  M.E.R.V. 10 + are great quality for most home's and for those with respiratory issues such as asthma or allergies,  I can suggest a M.E.R.V. 16 which is a H.E.P.A. grade filter.  Although you need a cabinet installed to accommodate these box filters, if you have an old E.A.C type filter, you can pull out the cells and pre-filters and slide a box filter right in its place most of the time.
If you really want would do well to take a look at our "Pure Air" filtration system.
                                                                                                                                                -the Weatherman
M.E.R.V.  =  Minimum efficiency reporting value
H.E.P.A.  =   High-efficiency particulate air
E.A.C.  =  Electrostatic air cleaner

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