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How's The Weather In Your Home?

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January 6, 2016
What the Weatherman says on money saving Thermostats...
These days the controls for your homes HVAC system are getting more and more 'Star Trek' every day. From the days when you had  small glass bulb filled with mercury hanging on the wall which automatically turned your heating system 'on' or 'off', to today where we offer a tablet which can be pulled from its magnet holder on the wall, and brought into any room in the home.  The latest Lennox i30 thermostat knows when you leave your home to lower the temperature, and it knows when you'll be home soon too using a gps location to your smart phone, so the temperature will be right where you like it when you arrive! That boisterous new thermostat comes at a price, to be sure,   but is it worth it? 
To answer this question you have to ask yourself what you want from a HVAC system for your home.
Our opinion here at Weather Tech is that if it is all about return on investment, a digital programmable thermostat can save a fair amount of money, especially in Winnipeg, and is a must to get the most efficiency from your system. That being said you have to use them properly or you're not reaping the benefits it can provide you, in terms of saving you money.   You 'd be surprised at how many homes we go to where their digital programmable thermostat is simply set at one temperature and put on 'HOLD'.  It works...but you're not saving the money you could be if you took the time to set a program.  Even ask the tech who comes to tune up your furnace or air conditioner this year to set it up with you.  It takes a few minutes and will save you cash.  How much cash depends how low of a temperature you let it drop to, and for how long. No one will be able to give you an all encompassing stat that will tell you what it will do in your case.  There are far too many variables.  That being said, your demands and criteria is what will determine how much you will save.  Need to save? wear more sweaters.  Want comfort? don't drop the temperature below your comfort zone. Want high tech Luxury? Get a Lennox i30 smart tablet thermostat.
                                                                                                                   and that's....what the Weatherman says.
How's the WEATHER in Your Home?

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